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Friday, May 17, 2013

Cradle Cap Cure!

Raquel has been dealing with Cradle cap or baby dandruff since birth. Finally online, I found a solution. I just put Vaseline on her scalp while she was sleeping. I don't think it matters how long you leave the Vaseline on the scalp. When she woke up, I washed her hair and combed out all the dandruff. The Vaseline worked like a charm! Now I can see her scalp!

Audrey's Kindergarten Year Book!

This is a Book we made for Audrey's teacher!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pictures of my babies growing up!

Raquel wearing the hat I made her!

Audrey wanted to be a pirate so I crocheted the pirate hat to wear! Ahoy matey!

The girls saying cheese!

One of Daddy's little girls!
Crochet hats can be found here:

Dr. Seuss's birthday

Dr. Seuss's birthday! Audrey had fun at school celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday! She said they read his books like green eggs and ham, left foot right foot books! They ate green eggs and ham and she said she didn't eat them since she didn't like green eggs and ham!  She enjoyed wearing the red and white hat and the sticker that said I don't like green eggs and ham. A very cute and fun day for Audrey!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Audrey with Raquel

Audrey had a 100 day celebration at school today! They celebrate 100 days they been in school, but do the snow days count, lol? She decided to read to her little sister! I was happy to see this, since Audrey usually doesn't interact with her sister! Raquel listened for a little bit and Audrey did a nice job reading to her. She reads at the top of her class! Now we just need to work on comprehension. She really likes to read and be read to.

Lost First Tooth

Audrey, my five year old lost her first tooth!! I went to go pick her up last Thursday and she said I have something to tell you Mom, she says my tooth is loose Mommy! Then that night she lost the tooth! The Tooth fairy brought her five dollars, but we said she will probably bring her 1 dollar next time! She was so excited to loose her first tooth and kept talking about it. She was with my husband when she lost the tooth that night and started screaming! He said it scared her and hurt a little bit. My baby is growing up!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dentist Appointment!

Uh Oh! Someone has a cavity! We need to work on her brushing and probably eating candy too! The dentist didn't say anything about either of these, but just said she has a sugar bug! Which meant cavity! So we go back in January! We almost always brush her teeth at night, but need to work on in it in the morning. They think she should only need a little gas no shot in her mouth! She will freak out if it hurts so I hope it doesn't!!